Vaughan Craddock

Director & Physiotherapist – Grafton Lab

Vaughan graduated from AUT in 2001 with a Bachelor of Health Science Physiotherapy degree, where he won the Academic Prize for Clinical Excellence.

Since graduating, he has worked in private practice in various roles, including being involved with helping to implement the primary health initiative of taking Physiotherapy into Secondary Schools across Auckland. Whilst having a special interest in running biomechanics and running based injuries, he has worked with many various sports during his career including:

  • > Auckland Rugby NPC Team
  • > Auckland U/20 rugby team
  • > Senior Club Rugby and 1st 15 Secondary Schools Rugby
  • > Schools Elite Rowing, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Track and field, Touch rugby
  • > Auckland U/15 Touch Rugby
  • > Various different athletics and cross country teams
  • > Elite rowers

Professional views and special interests:
With his strong background in sport, Vaughan enjoys working with athletes of all levels, from beginner to elite. He also enjoys working with non-sporting injuries such as complex postural dysfunctions, or biomechanical issues that affect athletic potential or activities of daily living. Vaughan believes good communication with the client is integral to managing the client’s injury in a way that best suits their lifestyle, and provides a cornerstone to developing a management plan. Vaughan approaches any injury by assessing the client’s posture, movement patterns and more specific local injury site tests, as a whole picture to identify the main cause of the pain or symptom complaint. He places a strong emphasis on manual therapy, muscle balance, dry needling acupuncture, exercise prescription and education to facilitate the injury recovery process.

Outside of the Lab:
A former competitive runner, Vaughan specialised in Cross-Country and Track and Field, where he represented NZ three times, in both Cross Country and Track and Field. His most notable achievements were representing NZ at the World Junior Track and Field Championships and Captaining the NZ under 23 Cross Country team. Vaughan is now a coach to a group of track and field athletes who compete at elite level.