Perfect for rebalancing your body and addressing any aches/pains you may have (or preventing ones you don't
    want!), Sports Massage is used by a range of people. Not only for athletes. It can be a great way to ensure that you are feeling your best regularly. To get ready for everything that life may be throwing at you, talk to our Auckland Sports Massage Therapist today for more info or keep reading below


    Don’t let a foot, ankle or lower leg musculoskeletal injury keep you from being at your best every day.
    With the latest diagnostic equipment and treatment options in podiatry available for you here at Sports Lab, our Auckland podiatrist team will help you start each day putting your best foot forward.


    For many, the end goal of physiotherapy is just to restore the body’s function to normality. However, we believe that this is only the beginning of physiotherapy.
    Through the use of specialist equipment, our Auckland physio team will help you identify the reasons that are causing your recurring injuries and provide ways to prevent them.


    Biomechanics is the study of human movement and at Sports Lab this is what gets us excited. We are all geeks here at the lab and when we put our minds to something we like to be as thorough as possible. Our key passion is biomechanics.
    We want to find out exactly how you move, what causes you move that way and how can we help you to move more efficiently and effectively.

  • Physiology

    Are you training “harder” than ever but not getting the performance results you expected? Doing more volume with less return? Epic workouts and worse performances? Struggling to achieve that ideal weight or body composition? Energy levels at an all-time low? How do we as athletes, coaches or someone undertaking a wellness journey know when more or harder training does not translate to better performances or better health? How can one measure or track how your body is truly responding to the training? SBT can precisely answer those age old questions easily, accurately, and effectively

Who is Sports Lab?

We are Physio’s. We are Podiatrists. We are Massage Therapists. We are biomechanists. And most importantly we are here to help you live the dream!
Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to tailor services to you as an individual. We collaborate with each other, ensuring that all perspectives are considered and the most effective plan is undertaken. At Sports Lab we strongly believe that educating you on the science behind your pain is a big part of helping you to prevent recurrence yourself. For this reason, we value our time together. Our appointments are long enough to have these discussions and to reduce your likelihood of issues later on. Couple these factors with high level tech and our team of experienced therapists and we think this is the perfect formula!
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