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Sports Lab podiatry considers not just the foot, but how the body moves as a whole. We apply our knowledge and expertise to a range of different sports and activities to meet the needs of both elite athletes and the general public alike. We take time to listen and understand the goals of each individual we see. This allows a tailored treatment plan which is achievable and effective. 

Sport and Biomechanical Treatment 

Podiatry isn’t just about feet, as your feet do not operate in isolation. In fact, they are your contact points with the ground as you go about a lot of your daily activity, effecting the way the rest of your body moves. At Sports Lab we do not believe in just assessing and treating the foot, but also its effect on the rest of the body and vice versa. Our podiatrist places a focus on assessment of the whole body in movements as close to your activities as can be replicated. This information is combined with extensive knowledge of the demands of different sport and activity. This allows identification of weaknesses that put you at higher risk of injury and allows a plan to be put in place to help prevent injury before it occurs. 

General Podiatry Treatment 

On top of our biomechanical specialty our podiatrist is also highly skilled in a range of general podiatry treatments. This ranges from care of ingrown nails, corn and callous, verrucae/warts, and blisters. And the management of chronic conditions such as the arthritic or diabetic foot. Our podiatrist is also highly experienced in minor surgical procedures for long term treatment of ingrown nails. 

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Orthotics are inserts that go into your shoes to alter how load is applied to the bottom of your foot, and in turn changing the way that joints and muscles further up the body function. They can be used to improve function, balance and performance. Sports Lab offers both fully customised orthotics using the latest technology for accurate prescription and modified prefabricated orthotics for feet that require less “assistance”. However, not everyone needs to be wearing orthotics and not every dysfunctional foot would benefit from an orthotic. At Sports Lab we use a range of effective treatment options tailored to your needs, including: exercise prescription, footwear prescription, strapping and bracing, local anaesthesia, movement retraining and soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation.  

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