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Physiology is the science of the normal function of living systems. It studies the processes and mechanisms that allow us to survive, grow, and develop optimally. At the Lab we want all of our clients and athletes to have access to cutting edge methods that ensure they are training and operating at their best so we have teamed up with Go! Athletics to provide you with just that.

Physiological testing is for everyone- the information gathered from testing can be applied to any sport or physical activity.


The System Based Training™ (SBT) Method 

Sports Lab is excited to be able to offer the SBT method of physiological testing. SBT uses proven principles of physiology and biochemistry to provide training plans which optimize performance. With our reporting system we will show you which physiological systems are limiting your performance or holding back your wellness goals, and give recommendations that you can start applying immediately. The data from SBT can be passed on to your coach, marrying well with a range of different training philosophies, or if required, we can design a custom training plan to ensure that you are optimizing your well-being and performance.

The Background to SBT 

We are proud to be exclusively partnering with Go! Athletics and Shannon Grady. Shannon is the brains behind the SBT approach. She is a highly respected and experienced sports physiologist with extensive field experience. She has developed SBT over the past 15 years to help over 15,000 athletes achieve their goals, including World Champions, National Collegiate Champions, and World Record Holders. Shannon developed SBT to form a bridge between physiological testing and usable data for both the athlete and coach.
For further information regarding Shannon and her company Go! Athletics, please visit her website, Systems Based Training, where you will be able to see her extensive experience and further evidence to support the benefits of SBT. Or check out her blog here:

SBT for Health, Well-Being and Weight-Loss

SBT is a way to “look inside your body” to determine how well you are functioning. This information can be used to help you achieve your well being or weight loss goals. When your body has the appropriate energy source for different activities it is able to maintain a better balance between energy in and energy out, and doesn’t need to store excess energy as fat. This is important to ensure you are able to achieve your health and weight loss goals. Physiological testing can identify reasons for poor previous results from training, it takes the guess work out of exercising and reduces the risk of over-training.

SBT for Performance

At Sports Lab we believe that every athlete’s goal is equally important, be it completing your first half marathon, or representing your country at the commonwealth games. No matter what your sport, SBT is able to tell you is whether you have the ability to efficiently create and use the fuels you need for your specific activity and help create training parameters based on your physiological needs. Through the identification of declining physiological function we can detect the warning signs for overtraining, and put in place a management plan to ensure that you are maximising your training benefits, recovery rate and are at peak health and wellbeing.


Level 1 (testing, prescription of training parameters and periodization); on completion of testing you will receive a detailed report outlining your current physiological status. This will provide information regarding current strengths and areas for improvement, it will also identify if you are at risk of over-training. Recommendations will be given regarding training parameters to guide you to achieving your goals. You will also have access to our blog and our exclusive Facebook group that will have useful tips and a monthly live Q+A session. Level 2 (testing, prescription of training parameters and individualized training plan); In addition to all of the great benefits of level one you will also be given daily training prescription. This will give specific guidance regarding your daily workouts and ensure you are effectively targeting the correct energy systems to meet your goals. With this information you can be confident in the knowledge you are going to get the most out of your training. You will also get a progress update phone call to ensure that you are on the right track and have no urgent issues.