Why Does Sports Lab Believe in the Benefits of Physiological Testing?

Physiology is the science of the normal function of living systems. It studies the processes and mechanisms that allow us to survive, grow, and develop optimally. At the lab we use a system utilizing biomarkers, physiological measures and movement data based algorithms to build a picture of the individual person. Our assessment platform, System Based Training™, helps us objectively measure internal power, and determine how efficiently your energy systems are functioning , or if they are potentially over worked or stressed. Applying the information gained from these measures allows us to give truly individualized advice to help prescribe appropriate training parameters and loads to athletes, coaches and everyday people to not only improve performance , but also maximize physical health and wellbeing.

Physiological testing isn’t just for athletes trying to maximize their performance, it’s also for anyone looking to get fit, improve their health, lose weight or simply improve their energy levels. The goal of physiological testing is to provide a platform from which to develop individualized training plans that will achieve the intended physiological objectives. This can be performance or wellbeing!

How Did We Get Into Physiological Testing?

We are proud to be associated with Go! Athletics and Shannon Grady. Shannon is the brains behind the SBT approach. She is a highly respected and experienced sports physiologist with extensive field experience. She has developed SBT over the past 15 years to help over 15,000 athletes achieve their goals, including; world champions, National Collegiate Champions, and World record holders. Shannon developed SBT to form a bridge between physiological testing and usable data for both the athlete and coach. Our relationship with Shannon dates back to 2012 when Vaughan (Sports Lab Director) started working with her as the consulting physiologist for his running squad. Since that time it’s proved to be a very successful relationship which has grown to a point where we are delighted to say we are exclusively partnering with Shannon to bring her services to New Zealand.

What Is System Based Training™ (SBT)?

System Based Training™ (SBT) provides an advantageous approach to optimizing training by integrating BOTH applied physiology and applied biochemistry in order to provide precise individualization of each training program. It is not based on one training philosophy, rather it fits seamlessly into most training philosophies as it is individualized to meet the specific demands of the athlete/person/coaching system.

With our reporting system we will show you which physiological systems are limiting your performance, or holding back your wellness goals, and give you recommendations that you can start applying immediately. If required, we can also design a specific and daily training program for you in addition to our physiological recommendations, to ensure that you are optimizing your wellbeing and performance.

Many coaches ask, does it work for all sports? YES, many times YES. Human physiology is the same no matter what sport you partake. It does not matter if you are a runner, swimmer, rower, cyclist, crossfitter, combat sport, team sport or walker. System based training works to optimize the physiological capacity of each athlete. It does not guarantee each athlete will be a World Class athlete but it will enable each athlete to achieve their maximal potential.

Learn More

For further information regarding Shannon and her company Go! Athletics, please visit her website, Systems Based Training, where you will be able to see her extensive experience and further evidence to support the benefits of SBT. Or check out her awesome Blog here: blooddontlie.blog

Our highly trained team here at Sports Lab will take you through the process from initial contact, to the testing day, to explaining your report and recommendations. If you choose to upgrade to a daily training program, they are available for consultations to help smooth the process for you.