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Sports Lab massage therapy is a little bit unique. Our massage therapists firmly believe in the importance of preventative care and love to keep you active, doing what you enjoy. Massage therapy helps to keep you moving, keeps your body in check and can help catch a niggle or dysfunction before it becomes an injury. Our skilled therapists will tailor your massage sessions to meet your specific needs and goals. 


What Makes Us Different?

There are varying levels of qualifications for massage therapists in New Zealand, and our Sports Lab therapists hold the highest level you can get. They hold a depth of understanding in human anatomy and how different massage techniques affect the body. On top of their qualifications, our massage therapists are also regularly up-skilling on courses. They are highly skilled and experienced practitioners.

Our Sports Lab therapists are skilled in a range of modalities with particular interest in sports massage for performance and recovery, acute and chronic pain management, stress management and management of general aches and pains from day-to-day life.

Not Just Massage

Our experienced therapists don’t just “rub where it hurts”. They are highly skilled in assessing the body as a whole. Often pain presents in a different part of the body to where the original dysfunction is. Our team can assess what is causing your pain and symptoms, and treat accordingly, therefore giving a more effective treatment and longer lasting relief from discomfort.

Massage therapy helps muscles to recover quicker and perform more efficiently. Massage improves posture and muscle balance, as well as reducing stress and work place fatigue. It can also be beneficial in managing long term pain and discomfort.

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