Ed Leung

Physiotherapist – Grafton

Ed has graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2020 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy.

Ed has previously worked with the Premier and Development rugby football team for Waitemata Rugby Club throughout his training years, both pre and post-game management, as well as side-line management.

Ed has also been with the lab on and off as both a student on placement and as a massage therapist on event days.

This experience provided Ed a wide range of knowledge and the ability to adapt both assessments and treatment for various situations. Having the ability to speak three languages (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin) allows Ed to effectively communicate with different ethnic groups.

Professional views and special interests:
Ed considers educating and creating an understanding of the injury for each client crucial for the rehabilitation process. Through identifying and explaining the cause of the injury, appropriate strategies for prevention and self-management can be established.

He also has interests in utilising efficient biomechanics as well as strength and conditioning to minimise the risk of injury. He focuses on getting the basics right and building from there. He also enjoys finding alternative ways to keep you on track with your self-management and provides plenty of motivation.

Outside of the Lab:
Ed is also a competitive triple jumper. If he is not in the Lab, then you will find him hopping around on the track, playing in the sand pit or lifting irons in the gym. Outside of training, he is a home barista, brewing espresso and out hunting for a good feed around the city.