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Sports Lab offers bike fitting and optimisation services, as well as aerodynamic assessment and recommendation. Cycling not only relies on anatomical or biomechanical factors but on the specific set up of the equipment: the bike. Someone can have optimal structure and function but if their bike forces them to function in a less than optimal position then they not only have a loss of power output and efficiency but are at greater risk of developing an injury.

Bike Fitting

At Sports Lab we use our in-depth knowledge of biomechanics and our understanding of the unique demands of modern-day cycling to provide cutting edge cycling solutions. Our bike fitting services considers both the requirement of being comfortable and the demands of positioning for performance. We are health care professionals who utilise our expertise to provide creative and innovative solutions for EVERY rider. Our bike fitting service assesses and treats the rider both on and off the bike, providing a well-rounded approach to fitting and cycling performance.

Clinical Approach

Cycling is a hugely repetitive sport. This repetitive nature puts significant mechanical stress on the body, resulting in the athlete being at greater risk of pain and injury. We use our experience and knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics to provide a thorough and multi-faceted assessment. This allows detailed and accurate diagnosis, informing meaningful changes in position and equipment with effective outcomes. We don’t just put a rider in a “normal” position that their body may not be able to tolerate. We work with the rider’s limitations, getting them in the best position for their current needs and work alongside them to make the required adaptations for improvement.

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Aerodynamics is a critical factor in cycling performance. Even when riding at a moderate speed, 90% of the resistance to forward motion comes from aerodynamic drag. Up to 70% of that resistance is due to the air flow over the rider and even the smallest tweak of body positioning can make a significant difference.  

Positional improvements offer the greatest potential to improving aerodynamic efficiency. Where equipment optimisation sees immediate improvements without a timeframe for physiological adaptation. Our aerodynamic services can offer valuable information in both positioning and informing equipment investment. Aerodynamic testing is the ultimate equipment and positional optimisation service for athletes dedicated to improving their cycling performance.

Fuelled by STAC 

The STAC Virtual Wind Tunnel provides real, analysis-based feedback and recommendations for cyclists. STAC captures a 3D model of the cyclist, enabling comparison of configurations and positions. Giving the rider confidence in their position and equipment choice. By using computational fluid dynamics, we can calculate quantifiable time savings for your next event. At Sports Lab we want to make aerodynamic data and technology available for ALL cyclists, so we are excited to partner with STAC. STAC is a cost-effective aerodynamics tool that has been validate against wind tunnel and velodrome testing. Unlike traditional aerodynamic testing, the STAC system doesn’t need a special testing facility. We can test your aerodynamics right here in the clinic!

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