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As we all know, navigating an injury can by tricky. Couple that with our busy lives and that geography can be a barrier, and this process just got more difficult to navigate. This is why we’ve opened up video consultations across all of our services. 

The Same Quality Care

We realise there are certain hands-on aspects of our usual treatments that we cannot offer via video consultation, but true to our Sports Lab ethos, we see the power of education and self management as the main key to your recovery. Video conferencing still allows us to stay connected and lets you progress in your rehabilitation. We can teach you skills of self treatment and management and prescribe and progress your exercise programme to ensure you are moving toward your treatment goals.We can still provide you the same high standard care you have come to expect in the clinic.

Easy and Simple

Our video consultations are conducted on Zoom. You and your clinician will be able to see each other, to help in assessment and demonstration of exercises, as well as having audio. This is secure and protected for your privacy and confidentiality. Our clinicians will set up the appointment and send you an invite. Zoom is easy to access and free to use. You can download the app here.


-Easy to access
-Flexibility within your day
-Ongoing access to support

What to Expect

-Similar to in clinic appointments
-Comprehensive assessment of your condition or injury
-Advice, education, exercise prescription, self treatment tools
-Referral onwards to other health professionals where appropriate i.e. xray