Biomechanics is the study of human movement and at Sports Lab this is what gets us excited. We are all human movement geeks here at the lab. We thrive finding out exactly how you move, what causes you to move that way and how can we help you move more efficiently and effectively.


How Does Sports Lab Approach Biomechanics?

Technology and Biomechanics is integrated accross a wide range of services at Sports Lab. We have been careful to select the types of technology which complement our services and provide you guys with that edge that you need be the best you can be.You will find a sound knowledge of biomechanics and within all of our team however we also offer a range of tailored biomechanical services. If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

Identification and Diagnosis

For assessment and diagnosis we use:

  • Dual camera motion analysis
  • F-Scan in-shoe plantar pressure analysis
  • MattScan plantar pressure and postural sway analysis
  • Ultrasound assessment

We will objectively show you what we are aiming to improve so that these measures can be compared as you progress.

Retraining and Facilitation

There are very few people who are able to make meaningful changes in their movement without assistance. We are set up with a wide range of methods to teach you some good habits. This might be how you recruit a certain muscle or possibly position yourself.

Sports Lab will help you to make the subtle changes so that your improvements are sustainable and not just one season wonders. By utilising technology in parts of this phase we can be more accurate and give you some useful visual feedback.

A number of recent research articles have found that with multiple types of feedback, including visual, exercises are up to 10x more effective than without this additional input. This also means if you are working on these things at home you will be more accurate and therefore more effective.

Functional Application

What good are your fancy new moves if you don’t know how to apply them? Once you understand what is holding you back (diagnosis) and how to retrain these areas it’s time to throw it all together in an action that is meaningful and useful to you.

Functional movement means something that applies more closely to your sport or activity that we are trying to modify. Generally we will move through:

  • Lying or sitting activities
  • Standing exercises
  • Functional exercises in movements which mimic your goal movement

This applies to a long list of movement types. If you want to move better, contact us to find out about similar clients we have helped in the past.