Loren Abel

Podiatrist- Grafton and North Shore Lab 


Loren graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in podiatry in 2018 and has continued with ongoing education since. She has an interest in biomechanics, keeping up with the latest in sports medicine research to ensure she is providing the most recent evidence-based treatment.

Before Sports Lab, Loren had been working at a multi-disciplinary clinic in Canterbury. There, she worked in the field of sports podiatry and saw a wide range of clientele ranging in sporting goals from everyday fitness to elite performance. As well as being in the clinic full time, she also spent time in a technical running store performing gait assessments and footwear fittings.

Professional views and special interests:
Loren believes in patient education being one of the most valuable aspects of podiatry treatment. She finds through providing education, people develop a better understanding of what’s going on and why it has happened. This enables them to make their own decisions and have effective and meaningful self-management in addition to treatment.

Loren’s main passion has been ballet, which she has danced and competed from a young age as well as teaching for 7 years. Her experience working with kids carries through to the clinic as she enjoys continuing to work with this age group. Through her years in ballet she’s developed a strong understanding of how disruptive lower limb injuries can be and enjoys working with her clients to get them back to doing what they love. She values the use of working within a multidisciplinary team to provide patient-centred and well-rounded treatment.

Outside of the Lab:
Spending time in the South Island developed Loren’s love for the outdoors so you’ll often find her exploring different walking tracks on the weekends or at the beach in summer. Loren still dances recreationally and also enjoys running and a varied fitness routine to keep active.