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Physiology is the science behind how the body and all its systems function. It is the science on how the body adapts and responds to exercise and life. Physiology is not just for the elite athletes, here at SportsLab we firmly believe that physiology is for everyone.


Sports Lab Physiology

At Sports Lab our physiologist loves looking into the nitty gritty of your body’s physiology. We want to understand how your body is working and find out how we can maximise this to allow you to be able to complete the goals that you set out for yourself. We do this by looking at numerous different health markers and factors that are affected by daily lifestyle, stress and training loads. Our goal is to work with you to help you achieve a healthy state that is maintainable to your current lifestyle. This goes one step further than just looking at each marker of your biochemistry in isolation, rather we look at how each marker works collectively within your body. We understand that each person is very different, and each body will be able to tolerate different stressors and adapt at different rates, so we will work with you, as an individual, to get the best outcome.

Who Needs a Physiologist?

Training for a big event and wanting improved performance
Feeling tired, stressed or struggling to sleep
Struggling with continuous injuries or long-term illness
Changes in menstrual cycle
Teenage athletes
Getting sick more frequently than your peers
Feeling over trained or performance is plateauing

The appointment will include sitting down with our physiologist to get an understanding on how we can best help you meet your goals.

Remote Consultations

Sports Lab Physiology offers remote consultation via video conferencing for those unwell, travelling regularly or travelling for key races, and for our international and domestic clients. If you require remote consultation please get in touch for further information and for booking.

For free download of the zoom software click here


Meet Our Physiologist