Sierra Southam


Administrator & Receptionist Education: 
A sucker for experiences over a traditional classroom, Sierra has gained many years of reception know-how through sheer determination and a winning smile.

Beyond reception, Sierra is an accomplished copywriter and contracts across Auckland for businesses and private companies. From website text to blog posts and more, Sierra spends her time giving ideas a voice.  

Professional Views & Special Interests: 
Sierra thrives in a dynamic environment where her skills are constantly put to the test; this stems from her time working with tight deadlines and volume productions. Her work experience has taught her that there’s nothing you can’t achieve when you’re always open to learning.

Outside of the Lab: 
When she’s not going for walks or writing her latest project, Sierra loves to watch movies and find new ways to challenge herself in life. This has been happening a lot recently, with her new puppy to keep her on her toes!