So, we thought we would give you a bit of a back story as to why Rich is running a marathon. Back in 2017 in Rich’s words “after spending too much time around runners” he decided he wanted to see what all the fuss was about and run a marathon.

You would probably imagine that being heavily involved with runners and working in the health and wellbeing industry for a number of years that he would have done thing properly, committed to the training, taken on board all the advice that he had given to others, and arrived at the start line in good shape ready to smash it out.

You would be wrong!!!! This is what rich has to say, “I basically did what I see and hear lots of my clients doing, I didn’t prepare enough, I thought that by being active that would help, I did not have

a structured run program”, sometimes even having the knowledge doesn’t help you to make the right decisions.

What was your training like for the first marathon “I have always done bits of running and been comfortable running 5-10km at around a 5min/km pace, but I would never time anything so most of my runs were done by how I felt, and I didn’t have any variety in my training. I also enjoy mountain biking, so would head out for a couple of hours in the forest, thinking that this was good cardio and it would help me on race day”

How did the race go? “I can honestly say it was one of the worst things that I have done. It started off badly and just went downhill!”

Please elaborate “Well I did what I tell everyone not to do, I changed something on race day. Because of my poor planning I didn’t realise it was a later start to the event and thought I needed to eat before the run (this is something I have never done before). The first 2km of the race were awesome, I was loving the crowds and feeling good, then that decision to eat came back to bite me, I got a stitch for the next 18km or so, then afterthat I started to cramp up. It started in my calves, and by the final 10km everything from the waist down was in cramp”

That doesn’t sound amazing, did you finish “Yep I managed to finish, but for those of you who saw me at the finish line will know that I was hating life, I was not happy with myself, I knew I could have done better. So here we are, I’m looking to do something I always said I wouldn’t do (another marathon), this is my attempt to redeem myself”

Come down to the 24th November to see how he gets on