Richard Linley

Physiotherapist – Grafton Lab

Richard graduated with a masters in physiotherapy from the University of Middlesbrough in the UK, in 2009. He has since attended a multitude of external development, with a key interest in surgical management and biomechanical analysis. He intends to continue his learning, with further study on the horizon.

Immediately after leaving university, Richard worked in one of the largest acute care hospitals in Europe. This provided him with invaluable experience treating major trauma patients. Spending time working in the hospital setting gave him experience treating a wide variety of patient groups, he is able to ultilise this experience to adapt his treatment approach to meet your needs. He also worked in the sporting setting, working with rugby teams, football teams and some of UK’s elite triathletes. Since moving to New Zealand, Rich gained experience working closely with three western rugby teams, in both an acute and chronic pain setting, as well as advising on injury prevention strategies. Some of the athletes Richard has worked with include: runners, rugby players, cyclists, CrossFit athletes, footballers and triathletes. He has developed a wide scope of practice and can utilise this to ensure you get the results you want whatever your activity.

Professional views and special interests:
Richard is a firm believer in patient empowerment, so you can be sure to have a deep understanding of your injury and how best to manage it with his guidance. He couples this with an exceptional standard of manual therapy. Rich has a keen interest in shoulder and hip injuries. Having learnt from some of the top surgeons in the UK, Rich leads his field in methods used to assess and treat hip dysfunction. Back and neck injuries are also of high interest to Rich.

Outside of the Lab:
Like most of team Sports Lab, Rich loves getting outdoors to keep fit. He played national level football from an early age in the UK, and still loves to get out for a game of 5 a side. Rich is also enjoying the abundance of epic mountain biking trails New Zealand has to offer. In the winter, you’ll likely find him on the slopes, smashing it in his snowboarding gear. When he isn’t working or keeping fit, Rich loves exploring the world. He’s travelled extensively through Southeast Asia, South America, India and Europe.