Pilates is an amazingly versatile form of physical fitness. At the Lab we pride ourselves in being able to adapt the standard exercises to meet the specific needs of the individual client. By using this approach Sports Lab can ensure the pilates is safe and effective for any population, and ensures you are prescribed exercises at the correct level for your current requirements.


Who Can Benefit from Clinical Pilates at Sports Lab?

The great thing is literally anyone can benefit from clinical Pilates, not matter what your background or activity level we can modify the sessions to suit your requirements.

To give you an idea of some of the groups of people who have benefited from Pilates:

  • Muscle imbalances/dysfunctions or known areas of weakness
  • Low back pain or wanting to prevent future episodes of back painn
  • Pre and post surgery
  • Ante and post natal
  • Recovering from sporting injuries or wanting to prevent future sporting injuries
  • Joint stiffness and reduced mobility
  • Athletes who want to enhance their performance
  • Wanting to improve your posture, and reduced aches and pains

How is Pilates Different at Sports Lab?

At the Lab we believe in the importance of teaching movement in the correct patterns with appropriate muscle activation, strength, and control. This will ensure that you are better placed to tolerate your daily work and sporting activities.

We believe it’s important that the exercises we prescribe challenge you to an appropriate level. Whether you are injured, recovering from injury, or uninjured there will be an exercise level suitable for you. We use our knowledge and experience in biomechanics to help identify areas of dysfunction and weakness to target during your Pilates session. This ensures you get a truly tailored service to help you progress towards your goals.

At the Lab we also have a special interest in developing Pilates exercises which specifically suit the running population. We use our experience and background with runners to develop a series of exercises aimed at targeting common areas of weakness and teaching appropriate movement patterns specific to running.

Private 1-1 or 2-1 Clinical Pilates session led by Physiotherapist

What can I expect from my private Pilates appointment?

  • Initial assessment and goal setting
  • Use of real time ultrasound machine to help provide visual feedback when retraining and activating the deep core stabilising muscles.
  • Individualised exercise prescription based on findings of initial assessment and individual goals.
  • Ongoing review and progression of exercises as appropriate.

Pilates Group Classes – Coming soon.

At Sports Lab we want to ensure you will be performing exercises at an appropriate level of difficulty for you, especially in the class environment. We ask everyone who wants to join our Pilates classes to have a short 1-1 session with one of our physiotherapists prior to starting. During this appointment we will perform an assessment to determine your initial level of function and therefore help decide what class is going to be most appropriate for you.


Meet Our Pilates Instructor