A Variety of Effective Treatment Options

Sports Lab’s physios are trained and experienced in a wide range of treatment modalities. Our physios believe a wide range of treatment options are important as every body responds differently. They are continuously developing skills and techniques to give you the best treatment available. Every treatment prescribed comes from years of experiences and comprehensive knowledge. Some current treatment options include:

  • Soft tissue massage & myofascial release
  • Joint mobilisation & manipulations
  • Dry needling & acupuncture
  • Exercise presciption
  • Neural flossing
  • Strapping
  • Trigger point release
  • Movement retraining and education

Specialists in Human Movement

Our team of physios have a wide range of specialist biomechanical skills, each having worked with a variety of different sports and athletes. With an indepth understanding of global movement patterns and specific sporting techniques they are well equipped to understand the complex demands of your sport and daily activities.

So whether the loads put on your body are from pounding the pavement, spending hours at your computer or walking around with a child on your hip, our physios will be able to assess your movement patterns and help you be more efficiently in whatever loads you are putting through your body.

Give Sports Lab a call to find out which one of our team members would be the best fit for you and your activities. You can also check out our biomechanical services for more information.

Meet the Physiotherapists at the Grafton Lab

Meet the Physiotherapists at the North Shore Lab