Performance Improvement


Who Can Use SBT?

SBT has been extensively used to improve the health and performance of a variety of individual and team based athletes. From world champions, to weekend warriors SBT can help you achieve your athletic potential. The great thing about SBT is that it can be used for any sport, team or individual. For individuals, we can help identify your risk of overtraining, and help guide your training to target the specific area in need of improvement, related to your sport. For teams, we can give pre-season advice regarding specific training requirements, whilst in season we can offer objective data to allow decisions to be made surrounding players tolerance to load. This will help reduce the risk of “burnout”, and optimize performance, by improving the management of players.

Why Use SBT?

At Sports Lab we believe that everyone should have access to the current technology to support their training goals. Every athlete’s goal is equally important, and can benefit from individualized training, be it completing your first half marathon, or representing your country at the commonwealth games.

SBT gives us the opportunity to “look inside your body” to see how well you are functioning or tolerating your training. This helps take away a lot of the guess work surrounding training load.

No matter what your sport, SBT is able to tell you is whether you have the ability to efficiently create and use the fuels you need for optimal performance. Different activities “burn” different fuels, we can tell you if you have the right fuel for your activity, and help create training pramters based on your physiological needs.

Through the identification of declining physiological function we can detect the warning signs for overtraining, and put in place a management plan to ensure that you are maximising your training benefits, recovery rate and are at peak health and wellbeing.


Level 1 (testing, prescription of training parameters and periodization); on completion of testing you will receive a detailed report outlining your current physiological status. This will provide information regarding current strengths and areas for improvement, it will also identify athletes at risk of over training. From this information, recommendations will be given regarding training parameters to guide you to achieving your goals. You will also have access to our blog and our exclusive Facebook group that will have useful tips and a monthly live Q+A session.

Level 2 (testing, prescription of training parameters and individualized training plan); you will receive all of the great benefits as level one. However, you will also be given daily training prescription. This will give you specific guidance regarding your daily workouts, and ensure that you are effectively targeting the correct energy systems to meet your goals. With this information you can be confident in the knowledge you are going to get the most out of your training. You will also get a progress update phone call to ensure that you are on the right track and have no urgent issues.