Michael Dawson

Creative- Grafton Lab

Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland where he double majored in Innovation & Entrepreneurship as well as Marketing. 

Since graduating, Michael has worked in a marketing role at one of the countries largest footwear companies, as well as his mainstay as a professional commercial and editorial photographer. See some more of his work here.

Professional Views & Special Interests:
Michael loves working with brands to create authentic imagery that represents the people and communities he works with. Rather than creating forced or posed images, Michael prefers working organically with athletes and people to capture genuine insights into that person’s life.

Outside of the Lab:
Michael is a competitive middle-distance track and field athlete, and the current New Zealand men’s 800m champion. Usually, it’s a safe bet to find him at the track running laps or with a camera in hand. Outside of running Michael enjoys finding Auckland’s best coffee spots as well as copious amounts of online window shopping.