Luke McCallum

Massage Therapist – Grafton & North Shore Lab

Luke is in Iten, Kenya from the 21st of December 2018 until the 27th of February 2019, using his rad massage therapy skills for a bunch of New Zealand runners who are training over there. 


Luke is an extremely well qualified massage therapist. He holds a Bachelor of Health Studies in massage and neuromuscular therapy having gained two diploma’s in health science along the way (one in massage and sports therapy and the other in therapeutic massage). In his final year of the bachelor’s qualification at New Zealand College of massage Luke was awarded the academic excellence prize for finishing top of his class.

Luke began his career in Massage with the team at Sports Lab in 2014. He has enjoyed working with a range of athletes, from the weekend warrior to those at an elite level. He has worked closely with Auckland City Football Club on their campaign for the FIFA Club World Cup, an event in which they finished 3rd. Luke also worked as a massage therapist at the FIFA U20 world cup in Auckland.

Professional views and special interests:
Luke is well suited to the team at Sports Lab, with a strong belief in holistic management. He endeavours to combine and consider all aspects of a persons life to create the treatment plan most likely to help that person achieve their goals. He has a particular interest in clients with biomechanical and postural imbalances picked up from their daily lives. He especially enjoys equipping these clients with the required tools to improve their quality of life. Luke believes in massage as a necessity for improving athletic performance and recovery.

Outside of the Lab:
Originating from the Naki, a passion for running and the outdoors is in his blood. Luke has competed internationally as well as at the highest level domestically for cross-country running, and this continues to be a big passion of his. Whenever time allows, Luke enjoys travelling. He has extensively covered Europe, the US, Israel and Australia, with plenty more places still to go.