Jack Moody

Project Management + Cycling Specialist- Grafton Lab

Jack graduated his Mechanical Engineering degree with honours from the University of Canterbury in 2015.  Since then he has spent several years in the industry as a Process Development Engineer.

Jack has worked a multitude of jobs over the last few years with internships in manufacturing at Pearson Cycles and Aerodynamics at Jaguar Land Rover. He then went on to work at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare as a Process Development Engineer until he turned pro as a triathlete in mid 2018. Since Turning professional as a triathlete his priorities have shifted and he now works part time in retail at a local bike store as well as one of our bike fitting specialists at Sports Lab.

Professional Views and Special Interests:
Jack is a cycling nerd. A numbers guy that likes to get things done. Jack is a firm believer in creating structure to deliver on ambitious projects. He brings his engineering skillset in process development to further enhance the business infrastructure within Sports Lab and help it reach its true potential in being a world class healthcare provider.  In terms of his bike fitting approach he compliments Hannah’s biomechanics knowledge with his own tech knowledge to create the ultimate bike fit solution for clients at Sports Lab.

Outside of the Lab:
Jack is a professional triathlete. Jack competes internationally across middle distance triathlons. If he is not in the Lab then it’s a safe bet that he is either splashing around in Millennium’s pool, grinding away on the stationary bike in his garage or pounding the pavements around Cornwall Park. Outside of triathlon Jack loves Skiing, Mountain biking and was an international DJ once upon a time.