Opened in 2012, Sports Lab was a shared dream of friends Vaughan Craddock and Aaron Jackson

Aaron and Vaughan:

came to know one another through both running under the tutilage of Don MacFrarquhar (pictured). Formerly one of “Lydiard’s boys”, Don was a hard task master (but a big softie at heart), an exceptional wealth of knowledge and easily one of the most passionate guys our sport has ever seen. A friendship was forged over many cold and early 19 or 22 milers “over the top”.

With a common ethos relating to injury management and biomechanics, plans for Sports Lab were inevitable once the friendship was made.

At Sports Lab we have been lucky enough to have outstanding people involved along the way. Joel Mowat came on-board from day 1 and earned his stripes in “the Den”. Since then we have had a number of outstanding and invaluable staff members join the team. Each new addition has brought with them a great number of unique skills, these are what makes Sports Lab the clinic it is today.

We are proud to think of Sports Lab as a family. We thoroughly enjoy the relationships we have with colleagues and clients alike.