Eliot Fenton

Sports Nutritionist- Grafton Lab

Eliot has completed a Bachelor of Science from Massey University, majoring in Human Nutrition and a Minor in Health Promotion.  Eliot is constantly staying up-to-date with relevant key nutritional knowledge and practice as well as currently completing a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Eliot has worked closely with rising athletes through volunteering with High School sport’s teams, working individually with both players as well as members of the community. Eliot’s experience centers around being passionate about sports nutrition and helping facilitate individuals creating the best version of themselves.

Professional views and special interests:
Eliot is a whole hearted believer about loving all foods. He is focussed on nutrients, variety and having a whole lot of colour into each meal. Eliot is focused on the needs of an individual. He wants to provide the tools to help empower, educate and see growth. He doesn’t believe in regurgitating meal plans that won’t get followed, but rather focusing on what can be enjoyed and help grow relationships.
Eliot is set on being a generational change to the sphere of Nutrition and is interested in helping athletes, as well as every day people, unlock their potential to create and sustain increased general well-being.

Outside of the Lab:
As the Lab’s resident dance champion you may find him on the dance floor, or belting out a tune. Eliot is a man of many hobbies which are usually focused around sport, whether that is running, kicking a ball around with mates or sitting down to watch a test match. 
Growing up in Rotorua he is a sucker for nature and the outdoors, so he loves any chance to escape the concrete jungle.