Alisha Lovrich


The creative one of the bunch, Alisha has a Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) from AUT as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies.

Alisha has worked extensively as a photographer and graphic designer. She hangs out with lots of athletes, specifically pole vaulters and runners. From this she is beginning to carve out a bit of a niche in photographing these sports. She is the brains behind Vertical Pursuit (a pole vaulting exhibition event inside Britomart) and event that was first hosted in 2017. Alisha is also one half of Temposhot, a specialist sports photography duo.

Prior to joining the team at Sports Lab, Alisha has spent time working for Shoe Science, Athletics NZ and coaching junior athletics.

Alisha has a dual role at the Lab. You will see her on reception but she also is a big part of coordinating our online presence and much of the pretty design things that you might see around at events etc!

Outside of the Lab:
It mightn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine that Alisha spends most of her time around sports. She has trained as a sprinter and 400m athlete herself alongside Livvy. Now however she has stepped up to all things 800m and above, including track and cross country.

If not running you will spot Alisha at the track behind her camera. This is her natural habitat, finding strange places to adopt her signature “photo squat” to capture just the right angle of friends charging around in circles or leaping over bars.