Alex Lowen

Physiotherapist – North Shore Lab

Alex graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2014 with a Bachelors of Health Science (Physiotherapy). Throughout his studies Alex had a keen interest in musculoskeletal treatment, rehabilitation and optimisation for athletes right through to post retirement age.
Alex has continued to add to his tool box by further studying dry needling, muscle balance and movement screen assessments, the minds influence on healing, and elderly falls prevention.

Alex Has been worked in Rosedale since graduating and has based himself in several different environments including a crossfit/ Olympic lifting gym, high school, Institute of Golf and general musculoskeletal clinics.
During this time Alex Has worked with prems rugby teams and high school 1st XV’s, North Harbour womans rugby 15s, North Harbour Womans Rugby 7’s, NZ indoor volleyball nationals, New Zealand beach volleyball pro tour, New Zealand cheerleading nationals, NZ National league canoe polo and National aged group football.

Professional views and special interests:
“You are what you do repeatedly”
“Use it or loose it”
Alex believes in creating independence and responsibility for your own journey to reaching your goals. Close supervision, evidence based practice, lots of hands on manual therapy, individual hard work and a can do attitude is the recipe!
Alex loves delving into the complex and tough cases. Multifaceted and holistic treatment for challenging, chronic and demanding injuries is the way he approaches his treatment.
Alex also has a keen interest in the opposite end of the spectrum in “aged care” and post retirement strength &conditioning, physical optimisation, balance and falls prevention.

Outside of the Lab:
Alex has competed in a variety of sports, including; snowboarding, waterpolo, martial arts, football, swimming, volleyball, lawn bowls, tug of war and coin rugby, but has ended up dedicating most of his time over the last 8 years to the most obscure of them all, Canoepolo.
Alex has been playing canoepolo for 9 years, competing in 3 Oceania championships, 3 World Championships and 1 world games for the New Zealand Paddle Blacks. Earlier in 2018 Alex also competed in the Canoepolo Super league in Sao xing, China.
Alex is a fanatical marvel movie watcher, coffee brewer/ drinker and enjoys every and all dogs!