At the lab we like to do things a bit differently, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach. Having physiotherapy, podiatry, and sports massage under one roof means we are able to use a multifaceted approach to our treatment.
We believe in not just treating the pain, but getting to the root cause of the problem. Our 1 hour appointments allow us this opportunity, and ensure you are receiving the optimal treatment for your injury.
We feel that there’s not much point in treating the symptoms if you don’t understand the cause. To us it’s important to make sure you understand your injury and can use that knowledge to prevent reoccurrence.

We see the immense benefit in using advanced technology to aid in your treatment. With our Gait-Lab full of F-Scan, Silicon Coach and Matt Scan technology we have the means to objectively analyse your complaint and identify the cause, minimizing errors in diagnosis.

Community Love

It’s important to us that the overall experience of Sports Lab is enjoyable. We like to foster good relationships with our community. Once you are a Lab-Local you’re sort of stuck with us, and we will do all we can to follow and support your achievements.
Since starting in 2012 we have had a number of outstanding and invaluable staff members join the team. Each new addition has brought with them a great number of unique skills, these are what makes Sports Lab the clinic it is today.

We are proud to think of Sports Lab as a family. We thoroughly enjoy the relationships we have with colleagues and clients alike.


EVERYONE is welcome at the lab. We don’t mind about your age or activity level, we would love to help you fulfil your potential and most importantly, be comfortable doing so!
As a specialist practice we have individual clinicians who have particular areas of expertise, including physiotherapy, podiatry and sports massage

You do not need to be a serious sports person to come along to the lab.
Heck you don’t even need to be an athlete at all. We see plenty of people coming through the lab who are just looking for some input into improving their everyday lives.
We are experienced in treating everything from acute injuries to chronic pains, so no matter what’s troubling you we will have the right practitioner for you.